Destination Hyderabad

By Joseph Lawlor MURP ’16

This is my first attempt at an audio blog. This edition includes the weeks leading up to, as well as my initial encounter, with my internship at SaciWATERs in Hyderabad, India. Mostly, it is clips of conversations, presentations, and sounds that I feel represent my trip.

I have often thought about experimenting with audio recording. This fellowship provided a platform. Before I left I purchased a ZOOM H5 recorder. It was pricey ($210) but word on the internet is that it’s an amazing piece of equipment. So far I agree. I recorded over 8 hours of content and clipped it down to an 8 minute piece.

As I become more familiar with recording, hopefully my posts will get better. For now, I’ll enjoy broadcasting amateur-hour-style, here at Luskin Abroad. If not anything else, I at least hope by the end of the episode you know what I’m doing this summer.

If you’re more of a visual person, here are some photos.

Thank you to the Bergman Fellowship at UCLA for making this trip possible. Special thanks to all the people in the recording. Enjoy.


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